After living most of my life in Chicago I decided to move to Oregon in the spring of 2010 after visiting and falling in love with the area. I was drawn towards it's accessibility to nature and the sea.

My interest in tattoos and becoming tattooed myself developed when I was very young. As a kid I loved reading books, magazines or watching any program on related to tattooing. I was enamored by it's rich history the world over. Traditional japanese tattooing specifically struck me at first sight, and stayed with me until the time came to become tattooed myself. Being Tattooed by Horisuzu was a turning point for me. His passion and dedication to his craft truly impressed upon me the hope to pursue my love of tattooing. I decided to focus whole heartedly on learning this craft.

In the summer of 2011 I came to Horisuzu Studio. After gaining an introduction to our master Ryugen Sensei of Tokyo Japan I continued with my apprenticeship. Years later I am still grateful that Horisuzu took upon himself the burden of guiding me into this world and allowing me to learn from him. I feel that I have truly found a home in traditional Japanese tattooing. I am excited to be able to bring this tradition to clients here in the Pacific Northwest.



HORISORA works at Horisuzu Studio in Portland Oregon


All work is done by appointment only

Horisora uses Machine work for lines and Tebori hand work for color and shading

Tebori is the traditional method of tattooing by hand, that has been practiced for over 400 years in Japan.

For One point tattoos cost varies depending on design

All other work is $240 per session

A Session is 2 hours in length this will include a 15 minute break.

You must be at least 18 years old to get tattooed by Horisora

A consultation must be made before making an appointment,
exceptions are made only for those traveling long distances.


I only work inside the forms and motifs of the Traditional Japanese Tattoo

These are minimum estimations the final time depends on the design, your body size and skin type.

Nuki-A singular motif

Single Point Nuki-2-7 hours

Shoulder Nuki-22 hours

Back Nuki-90 hours

Gaku-A motif with surrounding patterns. example...Rocks, Waves,Water,Wind, Clouds and Flowers.

Gobu Gaku-Half Sleeve-35 Hours

Shichibu Gaku-7/10 sleeve-50 Hours

Tekubi Gaku-Long/Full Sleeve-65 Hours

Senka Gaku-Full Back-180 Hours

Munewari-A partial body suit including the back,half sleeves, thighs and ribs with a break of open skin running down the middle of the chest.-7 year commitment of weekly visits.

Donburi-Full Body suit excluding the hands, feet, neck and face.-10 year commitment of weekly visits.

When making your appointment you will notice that there are many things that we do here at Horisuzu Studio that will differ from other studios. This is because we are a traditional Japanese based studio and we operate following a different model than that of our american based counterparts. In Japan the studios were hidden with little to no signage typically used. The majority of artists worked strictly by word of mouth and worked by appointment only, The Japanese tattoo studio was a much more intimate setting than that of the fast paced socially infused american tattoo studio. Over the centuries this has become a part of the Japanese tattoo culture and added to its beauty and mystery.

When you make an appointment we will give you the general directions to the studio we do not post this information publicly. When you arrive please do not bring many people with you as the space is private and does not accommodate many guests. We do not allow shoes inside the studio as is Japanese tradition, We will supply you and your guest with sandals to wear while inside the studio. The next custom is one that many people are unacustom to, we take short ten minute breaks every hour. When arriving please make sure you have your ID card with you so that we may make a copy for our records. You will also be given an envelope this is for your payment at the end of the session please put your money inside this envelope when paying the artist. On the day of your appointment please eat a good meal two hours before you're scheduled and drink plenty of water don’t worry I'll give you as many bathroom breaks as you require. Please do not wear any clothing that is irreplaceable as ink is involved in the tattoo process. Please do not drink alcohol or do any kind of recreational drugs one to two days before the day of your appointment this will allow your body to be in its best state for your tattoo appointment. Immediately following your appointment continued hydration and sleep is best for your body.

I understand that getting a tattoo is an exciting experience and that people getting larger work especially are in a bit of a rush in the first session to get as much done as possible. I understand that you want to get a lot of work done at once. However I find that the best way to accomplish this process is to come in regularly for appointments every two to three weeks. This is the minimum wait between appointments as your body needs time to heal, however keeping up this regiment will give you the best results in the shortest amount of time.